TV Club: The Gilmore Girls all come full circle in “Fall”

“Fall” begins with Lorelai Gilmore as we’ve never seen her: Alone, and away from Stars Hollow. And in a battle with a very large pack. It’s unsettling, and even she admits that she doesn’t know what to do with herself after 12 hours away from being surrounded by everyone she knows for years and years.

It’s an interesting choice, and a helpful transformation: how Lorelai opens up to the other Wild-seeking women, talking about how stuck she feels is revelatory, and a reminder of just what a great actress Lauren Graham is. Her interactions with her Parenthood co-stars as the park rangers are fun. (We can all just imagine that Jason Ritter is Gravity FallsDipper grown up as a park ranger, right? That’s what I’m doing.) But it’s her revelation behind the coffeeshop (naturally) that I’m marking as the high-water …

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