TV Club: The Gallaghers do, in fact, have to live like “Refugees”

On the surface, Fiona walking her way through the empty Gallagher home feels like it could have been Shameless‘ final scene. That house has been central to the show—some in the comments last week called it a character, but that suggests we need to understand physical spaces as equivalent to humans, when in truth their role in the story is distinct (the “like a character” simile is a pet peeve, forgive my stubbornness on this point). The house exists in a complex relationship with its occupants, and with their histories—I can’t be the only one who thought of Jimmy/Steve when I saw the washing machine being wheeled out onto the curb, and it said a lot about Frank’s lack of emotional connection to his family that he’d be stripping it for copper instead of saying goodbye. To say goodbye to the house is, for …

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