TV Club: The Flash: “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

This feels like the calm before the storm, which is maybe a polite way of saying this wasn’t a particularly exciting episode of The Flash. Part of the problem is right there in the title: “Who Is Harrison Wells?” We already know the answer to this question, so now it’s only a matter of waiting for the characters to catch up. By the end of the hour, the wait pays off with one of the most tantalizing stingers to date, but too much familiar ground is retraced before we get there.

Joe and Cisco team up to re-investigate the car crash that left Harrison Wells’ fiancee dead. That means traveling to Starling City, which in turn means it’s time for another Arrow crossover already. Joe needs the assistance of Captain Quentin Lance to track down the site of the crash, which proves to be a tachyon hotspot …

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