TV Club: The Flash: “Tricksters”

The short-lived 1990 Flash series had its charms, but it was definitely a product of its time. I’m not just talking about the day-glo color schemes and general ‘80s hangover aesthetic, although it does look uncomfortably like a Vanilla Ice video at times. Back then, live-action superhero series were still a rare thing, and the budgetary and special effects limitations simply didn’t allow for those shows to realize their comic-book equivalents in any but the most minimal way. You weren’t going to see Doc Sampson or the Abomination show up on The Incredible Hulk; he was more likely to take on a biker gang or some other run-of-the-mill made-for-TV threat. The original Flash did a little bit better than that, introducing at least a few of the classic comic-book rogues, including Mark Hamill as the Trickster.

Compared to the Flash we know and love, however, the original …

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