TV Club: The Flash: “The Trap”

Like its namesake, The Flash never slows down for long. After a couple of episodes where the narrative engine stalled out, “The Trap” revs the show back up to top speed as we approach the season’s finish line. The pre-credit sequence alone is so dense with revelations, it could take an entire review to unpack them all. Having discovered the future newspaper headline in the “time vault,” Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco not only learn that Barry will disappear while battling the Reverse Flash nine years in the future, but that the tale is told by reporter Iris West-Allen. If that’s not enough, the future Siri herself, Gideon, addresses Barry by name and knows him to be the Flash (and also a founding member of…something that probably has the initials JLA) because it’s Barry who created Gideon. Or will create it. Time travel confusion abounds tonight.

Once …

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