TV Club: The Flash teases a major reveal it fails to deliver

This is the episode in which we finally learn Savitar’s true identity…until it isn’t. After all, it’s already Flash tradition that the big reveals arrive in episodes immediately preceding an extended hiatus, and with the show vanishing from the CW schedule for the next month before returning with the final run of the season, this should have been the perfect time. That’s especially true since the “previously on” segment reminds us of Savitar’s claim to be “the future, Flash” (or “the future Flash”), and guest villain Abra Kadabra possesses the crucial information and holds it over our heroes’ heads for nearly the entire hour. Instead, the anticipated unmasking never materializes, and the big cliffhanger turns out to be the apparent death of a beloved character, followed by her immediate resurrection as a supervillain.

We’ll get to that later, but first let’s deal …

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