TV Club: The Flash season premiere is a mad dash through an alternate timeline

When last we saw the Fastest Man Alive, we were yelling at our televisions as Barry once again traveled back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. He didn’t go through with it in the first season finale, “Fast Enough,” and that heartrending decision delivered an emotional charge to cap a strong freshman outing for The Flash. Last year’s sophomore slump found an increasingly impulsive and reckless Barry Allen navigating a convoluted narrative burdened by spinoff duties and rife with repetitive emotional beats. This trend reached its nadir in the finale, “The Race Of His Life,” in which Barry, grief-stricken over his father’s murder at the hands of Zoom, forgets everything he’s learned about messing with the timeline and saves his mother after all.

The aftermath plays out in “Flashpoint,” which shares its title and inciting incident with one of those franchise-spanning DC Comics epics …

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