TV Club: The Flash: “Revenge Of The Rogues”

“I am not the fastest man alive.”

That’s okay, Barry. It’s still good to have you and the rest of the Central City gang back after a prolonged winter absence, particularly with an episode that hits the ground running the way “Revenge Of The Rogues” does. Barry’s concern over his speed dates back to the appearance of the Reverse-Flash, a looming threat Dr. Wells is all too willing to exploit in order to build up Barry’s powers. The episode opens with a training exercise as the Flash dodges missiles from a Cisco-controlled drone (does he have a permit for that thing?) and, in what may be the week’s coolest effect, snatches one of midair and flings it in the opposite direction.

Crime in Central City isn’t going to take a holiday just because the Flash is in training mode, which brings us to the …

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