TV Club: The Flash recaptures the Silver Age spirit in its most fun episode of the season

“The New Rogues” is a treat for those of us who fell in love with The Flash during its first season and spent much of the second worrying the show might never pull itself out of its funk. It’s the most giddily entertaining hour of the series in ages: light on its feet and overflowing with humor, adventure, and Silver Age goofiness. The glum tone of the Zoom era, which persisted into the first couple of third season episodes, has now been left in the dust.

Whether it can last remains to be seen, but for now I’m grateful for this return to form, which begins appropriately enough with a flashback to when it all began: the night of the particle accelerator explosion. In his pre-Cold days, Leonard Snart had a disagreement with one of his henchmen, Sam Scudder. Before Snart can finish the argument in permanent fashion …

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