TV Club: The Flash, “Out Of Time”

The last ten minutes or so of this week’s Flash were filled with so many toppers that if I were covering this show like an old-timey sportswriter, I’d have ripped the paper out of my typewriter a half-dozen times so I could type up a new lede. What’s the headline here? Barry reveals his secret identity to Iris? Cisco figures out that Wells is Reverse-Flash? Wells scrambles Cisco’s internal organs? Barry runs so fast while trying to save Central City that he goes back in time? “Out Of Time” ends with multiple juicy moments, stacked on top of each other.

Before digging into any of that, how about a nod of appreciation for how good “Out Of Time” looks, especially during that last ten minutes? A month ago—the last time the show produced a new episode—The Flash ended with two of the coolest special …

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