TV Club: The Flash: “Grodd Lives”

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for ever since that throwaway shot of a trashed cage labeled GRODD way back in the pilot. We’ve caught a few glimpses of the super-intelligent telepathic gorilla since then, but it’s taken this long for Grodd to take center stage. Was it worth the wait? Assuming you kept expectations in check (given the changes to Grodd’s origin and the limitations of CW special effects, I doubt anyone thought we were going to see a full-fledged Gorilla City anytime soon), “Grodd Lives” is about as much fun as we could have hoped. It’s no surprise that Grodd is largely confined to the sewers, cloaked in darkness and steam, all the better to conceal CGI work that has always been better than we’ve had any right to expect from this show anyway. (Take it from someone who grew up …

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