TV Club: The Flash cycles through familiar conflicts in an episode that plays like a rerun

Theory: there’s a meta we haven’t met yet, one who has been pulling the strings since the beginning. Let’s call him Memento. His power is the ability to inflict a very specific kind of short-term memory loss on Team Flash. They can still remember the things they’ve done, the villains they’ve battled, the lives they’ve saved, and all of that. But every day they forget the lessons they learned from all those exploits: that working together is what makes them a success and that keeping secrets from each other is what tears them apart.

That has to be the explanation, right? Nothing else makes sense. “Untouchable” is just the latest offender, an hour that hits the familiar beats with thudding familiarity. We’ve known it was coming ever since the rest of Team Flash decided to keep what Barry learned about Iris in the …

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