TV Club: The first Raw of the Ambrose era is a sign of good things to come

There’s no denying that last night’s Money In The Bank PPV was sluggish at times, especially in the early going. With that said, by the time the three-plus hours was done, WWE had earned a lot of credit. The PPV ended up booked perfectly—it’s hard to remember a PPV in recent memory where so many of the outcomes made sense—and the last few matches really gave WWE some momentum going into tonight’s Raw. The build to MITB was undercooked, but the follow through redeemed it all, thanks in large part to AJ Styles and the Club taking out John Cena, and Dean Ambrose finally using his unhinged nature in a productive way and cashing in the briefcase he won earlier in the night to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins.

Raw makes good on that shift in momentum by upping the …

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