TV Club: The finale of Fargo’s third season sure does signify… something

A few weeks back, I brought up Don DeLillo’s White Noise in an attempt to describe what set V.M. Varga apart as a villain: the modern world is full of useless information, and Varga exploits that as a way to overwhelm and manipulate people. This, of course, was a terribly clever reference to make, a sort of scholarly brag—aha, I don’t just watch television, I also read “books”—but I what I failed to mention at the time is that I fucking hate White Noise. I’ve read it twice to be sure, and I can’t stand that novel at all. It’s well-written, and its satirical point is well-chosen, and I recognize that it’s one of the great works of the last century. And I despise it.

I mention this now because after watching “Somebody To Love,” it seems clear that a lot …

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