TV Club: The Fall’s 3rd season begins with more style than substance

The season-two finale of The Fall contained a wonder of television: a 20-minute scene of detective superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) interrogating Paul Spector, the Belfast Strangler (Jamie Dornan, who’s quite a good actor when he doesn’t have to put on an American accent), finally in police custody. It also contained a scene that could have easily turned out to be some of the laziest writing of the series: a gunman storming into the woods, shooting a detective sergeant and Spector, possibly fatally. At best it was an unsatisfying follow-up to the earlier interrogation scene, and the death of either man would have soured a narrative that had been a well constructed drama of, as Ryan McGee wrote in the first season, “parallel lives bending toward each other.”

Subtle, this show is not. The first two seasons evoked an operatic struggle of feminism versus misogyny, an epic campaign …

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