TV Club: The Expanse knows exactly what it is

The Expanse makes no effort to hide what it is. This is not a show that distracts its audience with great jokes (though there are a couple) or simplistic story-hooks. We open with a woman in zero gravity, floating through a seemingly empty freighter; things go badly for her, but we don’t know quite how badly just yet. The pilot follows three distinct storylines, and while those storylines have connections, they remain resolutely separate from beginning to end, with little concession made to the typical demands of TV narrative. “We’re doing science-fiction here,” this pilot communicates, “with world-building and complex political intrigue, and if you aren’t into that, well, maybe you should try something else.”

We’ll see how effectively that works as a marketing strategy (the show’s online presence and the decision to release the first episode before it officially aired at least ensured that …

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