TV Club: The Expanse changes course with tension and panache

The end of Eros last week (or what looked like the end of Eros) marks the conclusion of a major storyline, so it’s no surprise that tonight’s episode feels more than a little like a season premiere. Hell, it’s even called “Paradigm Shift,” a title which is both relevant to the events of the hour (especially that final reveal), and also sounds like a meta-gag about narrative direction. Miller and Julie Mao are apparently gone, and with them, a large quantity of the protomolecule. That doesn’t mean anyone can relax, though, and what makes “Shift” a thrill to watch is realizing that the show is on solid enough footing to change focus without skipping a beat.

Of course, we don’t actually know what that change in focus is going to be. I have my guesses: Avasarala sends a friend (and former lover?) as a spy …

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