TV Club: The Exorcist reneges on a promise, but drops a game-changing bombshell

Is it fair to let a TV show’s PR inform a review? Because after “Through My Most Grievous Fault,” I’m wondering if the episode would have been stronger if not connected to a promise that The Exorcist‘s producers didn’t keep. Two weeks ago, a lot of hubbub was made about Executive Producer Jeremy Slater revving up audiences for a 43-minute “real-time exorcism.” He also hinted at it taking place somewhere especially terrifying. “What’s the worst place you could be trapped in Chicago with a demon?” he teased.

But tonight’s exorcism doesn’t take place in the Skydeck of the Willis Tower or a port-o-potty at Lollapalooza. Like so many other exorcisms before it, it’s set in Casey’s bedroom. It’s not in real time either, nor is it 43 minutes. In short, it does nothing that Slater swore it would. To be …

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