TV Club: The Exorcist obsesses over the past, yet also ignores it

One of the strongest elements of the original Exorcist (novel and film) is the maternal devotion of Chris MacNeil. Despite a possessed Regan murdering one of her closest friends, repeatedly causing her physical abuse, and generally putting her through the psychological ringer, Chris stays at her side. She never believes that her daughter can’t be saved. Like any good parent, she tries every method imaginable until her child is out of the woods, even if it means withering from a radiant actress to a strung-out husk of her former self.

Apparently though, all of that changed shortly after Pazuzu was (seemingly) banished into the ether and Chris and Regan left Washington D.C. As revealed early on in “Star of the Morning,” Chris had a hard time getting work, money started to run out, and she resorted to exploiting her daughter’s ordeal for media attention.

Had Fox’s …

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