TV Club: The enemy remains a mystery in this season’s penultimate episode of South Park

Even if you’re unsure of who or what Trey Parker and Matt Stone are targeting at the beginning of a South Park episode, it usually becomes clear by the end. Not so with “Truth And Advertising.” In fact, it’s a chapter of the increasingly epic season 19 that relies almost entirely on cryptic intentions, shifting allegiances, and general confusion among the characters as they try to unravel who’s really behind the recent madness around town.

This lack of resolution results from everyone constantly getting distracted by advertising, which is revealed to be more sentient than ever during a Matrix-esque narration sequence from Jimmy. We witness the ads’ power firsthand when the boys, after reading a bogus story in the school paper about PC Principal taking Jimmy and Leslie on a Disney cruise, start to research why they really disappeared. Although none of them believe the explanation …

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