TV Club: The Doctor and Bill are fantastic together, then a Doctor Who episode happens

Every Doctor deserves a monster perfectly engineered to target their greatest weakness. For Peter Capaldi’s incarnation, what could be deadlier than robots that kill people for not smiling? While this Doctor has cast off the enforced dourness that defined his first year in the role, he’s not the naturally grinning maniac that his three immediate predecessors were, which makes for a lot of fantastic face-based physical comedy whenever the Doctor and Bill need to fool the Vardi. Beyond that, I struggle to say too much in favor of the episode’s central threat, as it’s the textbook example of an intriguing setup for an episode that loses much of its luster once all is explained. That’s not unusual for Doctor Who, where the explanations frequently rely on technobabble and other assorted gibberish. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as the episode’s tepid conclusion shouldn …

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