TV Club: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Series Finale

In last night’s penultimate The Daily Show With Jon Stewart—which reverts back to simply The Daily Show after tonight—Jon Stewart did a segment called “The Daily Show: Destroyer Of Worlds,” which set out to destroy, instead, the idea that The Daily Show has had any effect on the world at all. In showing clips plucked from Stewart’s 17 year run as host (and targeting depressingly similar targets), the segment served the dual purpose of re-emphasizing the streak of self-deprecation the now-former host has always maintained (even as his cultural influence has inarguably grown), and continuing the Daily Show‘s mission of letting the air out of hyperbole, wherever it occurs.

Even as that show’s guest, the similarly venerated comic icon Louis C.K., with his signature no-nonsense authority, touted Stewart, saying “you were a voice of reason, and you were funny, and this was one …

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