TV Club: The Crown paints a portrait of Winston Churchill in more ways than one

What I like best about The Crown is that I never have any idea what to expect when I click the “play next” button. The show hasn’t settled into any kind of pattern in terms of scope, subject matter, or tone; episodes can vary from opulent historical recreations to intimate romances. I clicked on “Assassins” half-expecting a dramatic retelling of an assassination attempt I’d never heard about. Instead the episode offers a poignant character study. Binge-watching can sometimes feel like a slog, especially as you get towards the end of a series. But The Crown‘s mini-movie structure keeps the binge-watching experience fresh throughout.

Which isn’t to say that The Crown is entirely episodic. “Assassins” brings to a head two storylines that have been percolating since the show’s premiere: the decline of Winston Churchill’s career and the unhappiness of Elizabeth’s marriage. Both work well …

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