TV Club: The Chicago Bears 30 For 30 sticks with the obvious story, but what a story it is

Broadly speaking, this 30 For 30 entry fits with other tales of brash, arrogant football teams that won big, then promptly self-destructed from all their dysfunction. With apologies to the great “Pony Excess,” no football-centric 30 For 30 can top the sheer outsize ridiculousness of the two entries chronicling “The U,” and the 1985 Chicago Bears make a real effort to be the professional equivalent of those outlaw Miami Hurricanes squads. As recounted in tonight’s two-hour film, these Chicago Bears made a habit of knocking opposing quarterbacks out of games, exacted vengeance for perceived slights by vanquished foes, and considered the Super Bowl such a foregone conclusion—which it was—that they spent most of the preceding week in New Orleans partying as hard as they could. The 1985 Bears have a very solid claim to make as the greatest single season in NFL history, and a recurrent theme …

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