TV Club: The characters of Transparent do that thing they used to do

Why did Sarah leave Tammy? Was their entire relationship a “moment,” an attempt to get out of what she felt was a stifling marriage, or some measure of routine? Does the thought of any sort of routine or commitment to a person give Sarah, the ostensibly “responsible” Pfefferman, hives? Was she just enthralled by Tammy’s considerable personal charisma, to the point where she overlooked a decent number of yellow flags (and equally loud and alarming interior decorating choices)? There isn’t an exact answer to that question, and there likely won’t be one. What’s important, for now, is that Sarah made a decision not to commit, and how she has to face the consequences.

It’s a good thing, too, because Amy Landecker is just fabulous in this episode. Sarah’s story this year looks like it’s going to go to some dark places, even more …

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