TV Club: The Brink: “Who’s Grover Cleveland?”

If “Sticky Wicket” was The Brink‘s “the shit hits the fan” episode, then “Who’s Grover Cleveland?” is the “fallout from the shit hitting the fan” episode. It features a lot of intense discussions about Big Ideas, “tense” sequences involving fractured allegiances, some unnecessary nonsense about drug dealing in order to keep a family together (no, it’s not what you think, but I wish it was), and it’s all…fine. That’s as much enthusiasm I can muster for The Brink at this point. “Who’s Grover Cleveland?” didn’t bore me nor frustrate me; it contained some clever lines, a few chuckle-worthy moments, and a Tim Robbins performance that didn’t make me groan, but that’s about it. It’s certainly one of the better episodes of The Brink, but the series’ foundational problems taint even its best moments at this point. It’s simply …

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