TV Club: The Brink: “There Will Be Consequences”

What’s left to say about this season of The Brink? It’s a show that wanted to be both a Strangelove-esque satire of global politics and a broad farce about three unsuspecting heroes trying to stop nuclear war, and didn’t quite succeed at either. It privileged plot over character every single week, and as a result, the series’ three main characters have remained as static and sketchy as when they were introduced. It’s technically a comedy, but despite a handful of chuckle-worthy lines and the occasional funny scene, it rarely delivered the laughs necessary to swallow the constant table-setting, the awkward narrative choices, or the overly-flattering depiction of its protagonists. But by all accounts, The Brink achieves exactly what it sets out to do, and if you’ve been on board with the series since the beginning, I’m sure “There Will Be Consequences” was a …

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