TV Club: The Brink: “Sticky Wicket”

Despite some emotional heavy-handedness, rushed character development, a handful of terrible lines of dialogue, and a little too much Foreign Policy 101, “Sticky Wicket” is a decent episode of television. It follows through on narrative and emotional beats brewing throughout the season, there are some mildly funny moments, and it’s an episode with plenty of action to boot. Plus, it features some halfway genuine introspection into the motives of at least one of its major characters, even if it’s executed entirely within the span of one episode. So far for The Brink, this is as good as it gets.

If my praise sounds half-hearted, it’s because “Sticky Wicket” tries to accomplish much of what The Brink should have been doing this entire season. I discussed last week The Brink‘s issues with serialization, but what I didn’t bring up is its insistence on serializing the plot …

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