TV Club: The Brink: “Just a Little Crazy Talk”

By the end of “Just a Little Crazy Talk,” the penultimate episode of The Brink‘s first season, we know exactly what endgame the series has been setting up for the past eight weeks. The last five minutes of the episode tie together the three still-mostly disparate subplots together by impending nuclear war (incidentally, exactly where the series began). Though the three principal characters are still separated by geography, they’re all brought into the fold for the first time since the pilot, with some neat structural parallelism to boot. It’s then that you see The Brink has achieved exactly what it has set out to do: Tell a season-long narrative with a single-minded focus that holds together structurally and functions like a discrete unit.

But dare I ask, to what end? If you’re solely interested in the technical nature of The Brink‘s macro-storytelling, then sure, the …

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