TV Club: The Bowman family spins into chaos on a game-changing Colony

It was only a matter of time. Will Bowman is a very smart federal agent, but he’s not a world-class superspy. Katie Bowman is a determined woman, with a good head on her shoulders, but her ill-considered actions in season one were always a sword of Damocles hanging over the family’s head. As it turns out, deciding to join the resistance for good doesn’t matter much when there’s already evidence of your behavior just waiting to be found. Will and Katie weren’t trying to stay ahead of the authorities so much as they were living on borrowed time. The end of their double lives wasn’t a question of when; it was a matter of past due already.

“Tamam Shud” definitively shifts the structure of Colony permanently, and while it’s too soon to tell if the consequences of the change will be to the …

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