TV Club: “The Bounce” makes breaking up with Girls much, much harder to do

One of my fondest memories of the few years I spent in New York City was an interaction I saw on the subway during my commute home from a brutal workday.

The A train was carrying rush-hour loads long past rush hour, and seats were scarce. A load of people deboarded at Union Square, including one rider who’d been occupying a coveted seat. Her seatmate, who stayed on the train, was a black woman in around her mid-50s, who looked like warmth and shelter weren’t things she took for granted. “Would anyone like to come sit here?” she announced. “Jesus is sitting over here.” Most people snickered, and predictably, no one jumped at the invitation. (In fairness, the invocation of Jesus made the invitation kind of confusing, since it sounded like the seat might be, at least, spiritually spoken for.)

Shortly before the doors closed, a taker emerged …

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