TV Club: The Black-ish American dream is still alive in an inspiring episode

Well, hey! Black-ish reviews are back! This season has had some great episodes in ”40 Acres And A Vote,” “God” and “The Purge,” but “Jack Of All Trades” is Black-ish at peak performance. The episode swiftly dives into intersectional issues of class with Jack while delivering one of the best Diane plots of the season. At a time when things feel so uncertain and hopeless, Black-ish delivered an episode that made it feel ok to laugh again. The show’s cast doesn’t often get a chance to shine as an ensemble, but “Jack Of All Trades” is packed with great cast moments between Rainbow, Dre, Pops and Ruby.

The premise of the episode is simple––Rainbow and Dre are worried when Jack takes a career exam and is categorized for a blue collar job. Pops and Ruby obviously encourage this development and see no shame in manual labor (despite …

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