TV Club: The Big Bang Theory: “The Maternal Combustion”

Relationships are hard. If we’re lucky, we put forward a patient and caring attitude that allows us to develop them over time. Whether it’s a friendship, a romance, or a filial relationship, they all take work, and they all have a profound effect on us as we grow older. What “The Marital Combustion” proposes is that we never really stop having to work on those relationships because they’re so multifaceted, and that, over time, people tend to change, shifting out understanding of them and ourselves.

“The Marital Combustion” explores two of the more intriguing mother-child relationships on the show. With Leonard and Sheldon set to receive an award for their groundbreaking paper, their moms come to town to celebrate and bask in their professional success…or at least Mrs. Cooper does, as Dr. Hofstadter has always been reluctant to give Leonard any sort of praise. Her psychiatric …

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