TV Club: The Big Bang Theory: “The Leftover Thermalization”

“The Leftover Thermalization” reminds me a lot of the earliest episodes of this season of The Big Bang Theory in that they boast a strange, off-putting tonal imbalance that manages to rob the show of any laughs or poignancy it might be aiming for. Episodes like “The Expedition Approximation” and “The Focus Attenuation” presented the building blocks for solid sitcom storylines, but then failed to follow through with anything resembling a coherent or insightful execution. Much of the same can be said for this episode, which finds Leonard and Sheldon at odds over a magazine article about their recently published paper while Howard attempts to deal with the emotional task of sorting through his mother’s stuff.

As can be the case with The Big Bang Theory, the emotions that are at the forefront of the episode are the most unbearable ones. After Sheldon receives a copy of Scientific American …

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