TV Club: The Big Bang Theory: “The Communication Deterioration” / “The Graduation Transmission”

Since she’s been bumped up to a regular cast member, Mayim Bialik’s portrayal of Amy Farrah Fowler has consistently been the best part of The Big Bang Theory. She’s the character with the most depth and the most heart. She’s the one who you can rely on not only for laughs, but also for the moments of compassion that are integral to this series. Without those moments, there’s no emotional core to the show, and all that’s left is a bunch of stale jokes about how “nerds” are weak or weird.

The compelling and grounding nature of Amy Farrah Fowler has never been more evident than in last week’s “The Communication Deterioration” and this week’s “The Graduation Transmission,” because every main character is involved in a story except for Amy. She’s nowhere to be found for most of the former episode …

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