TV Club: The Big Bang Theory: “The Commitment Determination”

The eighth season of The Big Bang Theory has spent a lot of time avoiding the dramatic tension that one would have assumed to be central to the plot after the many twists and turns of the previous season. For instance, Leonard and Penny got engaged, but other than one episode near the beginning of the season, their engagement has hardly been mentioned. It’s always been there, but never really discussed. The same can be said for Sheldon’s (attempted) disappearance at the end of last season, when he hopped on a train and just took off to get away from everything. Other than a discussion in an earlier episode this season, Sheldon’s sudden abandonment of his friends and, more importantly, Amy, was never really addressed. The aforementioned were big moments last season, and it’s been disappointing to see the show continually avoid exploring the repercussions of …

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