TV Club: The Big Bang Theory (kind of) reunites Sheldon and Amy

The Big Bang Theory has spent the last few weeks dealing with the fallout of Amy and Sheldon’s breakup. While Sheldon is, arguably, not over her just yet, he has been able to at least process his feelings in a legitimate way. He’s found comfort in pop culture and the advice of his friends. He’s steadily come to a realization that perhaps Amy changed him for the better, that her presence allowed him to open up and reckon with his more guarded tendencies. Of course, the show was bound to backtrack, to get back to the Sheldon and Amy romance one way or another.

Such a reversion back to their potential relationship is a way to truly test the show and its character work after eight full seasons. Exploring the connection between Amy and Sheldon could lead to the show repeating a lot of the same beats …

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