TV Club: The Big Bang Theory is set to bring a baby into the mix

One of my recurring complaints with this season of The Big Bang Theory has been that, while the show has done a good job of exploring Amy and Sheldon’s relationship dynamic post-breakup and reconciliation, many of the other relationships on the show have suffered because of it. More specifically, the romances between Raj and Emily, and Bernadette and Howard, have felt like little more than afterthoughts. Thus, whenever the show has turned a little focus on them, most of the storylines have felt contrived or hastily shoehorned into the larger story being told. Tonight’s episode, “The Positive Negative Reaction,” works towards rectifying that problem.

The episode essentially picks up right where last week’s left off, with Bernadette planning to tell Howard that she’s pregnant. After the revelation at the end of the previous episode, The Big Bang Theory could have easily dragged out the reveal, but …

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