TV Club: The appropriately titled “Chop Shop” does more harm than good for Black-ish

I spent the majority of this week’s Black-ish episode, “Chop Shop,” wondering why the show was doing another barber shop episode so soon after doing one in its first season. Eventually, I realized it was not a Black-ish episode that I was thinking of in the first place… so I then spent the rest of the episode wondering what show and episode of television I could possibly be thinking of. After realizing that Google would only provide me with answers like Barbershop (the TV Series), House Of Payne, and Cuts (a show of which I had seen every episode, by the way), I was able to come to the conclusion that I was thinking of an episode of The Bernie Mac Show from 2004 (season three’s “Hair Jordan”). That was an episode that, much like Black-ish‘s “Chop Shop,” focused on the sanctity of the barber shop; only …

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