TV Club: The Americans shows that table-setting is as riveting as any car chase

The Americans‘ showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields promised that season five would have fewer of the energizing espionage set pieces that have marked the series in the past. There are a few suspenseful plot moves tonight—nearly everyone is a spy or being spied upon, after all. Stan and Aderholt continue their tentative FBI seduction of the wary Sofia at a local museum, coaching her about the finer points of nonchalantly lying about where she eats lunch. (“You don’t want to look worried,” and “You don’t want to seem nervous” are where the FBI guys are starting from with their new charge.) And, after a nifty, silent tutorial in multiple-car tailing technique, Elizabeth creeps around a seedy motel in broad daylight in order to capture photos of Evgheniya having an affair, with, it turns out, a promisingly Russia-bound CIA man. But “Immersion” reveals how the show’s …

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