TV Club: The Americans: It’s logical, it’s emotional, it’s the best show on TV

Tonight’s episode of The Americans contains two humongous developments of tremendous consequence for our favorite Soviet secret agents. The show has been building to these turning points for weeks (in one case) and years (in the other), and to see them play out on-screen is to see serialized storytelling at its very best. Just as TV fans still recall where they were when Luke wed Laura on Paige Jennings’ favorite soap opera, we will remember “A Roy Rogers In Franconia” for its twin colossi of Americans milestones. I speak, of course, of Paige Jennings’ first kiss and Matthew Beeman’s revelation that you can play a Commodore 64 through a standard television set.

I keed, I keed. (But there was a sweetness and an authenticity to the way Paige and Matthew’s lips just sort of drift together over those cans of soda. As far as TV first kisses …

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