TV Club: The Americans is a lot

The Americans still knows how to pull off a surprise. For example, I never would’ve pegged Stan Beeman as the first of the show’s main spies to threaten his bosses with going rogue. That always seemed like a Philip move, of the sort Joe Weisman and Joel Fields might keep in the chamber until the last possible moment, when the chips are down and the Jennings are cornered and there’s no way out. But here we are in “What’s The Matter With Kansas?”, and a little bit of bureau small talk pushes Stan right over the edge. As Aderholt compares the situation with Oleg to one with a former contact in San Francisco, Stan listens, but only responds in platitudes. When Aderholt finishes the story with “We blackmailed the shit out of him, and everybody wound up happy,” you can actually pinpoint the second Stan’s …

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