TV Club: The Americans: “EST Men”

Among the many reasons to praise The Americans‘ third-season premiere, there’s this: It shows that Elizabeth and Philip Jennings aren’t invincible. The Jennings are always on the job, and that means a smart move in the field could lead to a mistake at home, and vice versa. In the very first scene of season three, Elizabeth works on her lung capacity, submerging herself in the bathtub while thinking of the way she taught her daughter to swim: by hurling young Paige into a pool. (The symbolism of the scene runs deeper than that “4 FEET” tile indicates.) Philip’s investment in his marriage is stronger than ever, but that doesn’t stop him from engaging in an extramarital tryst that isn’t a requirement of his job. In a error that could have lingering consequences, Elizabeth loses a list of Near East and Special Activities Division operatives working …

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