TV Club: The Americans: “Do Mail Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep?”

The Americans doesn’t have many easy entry points for comic relief. It’s a serious show about serious people doing serious work during a serious time in human history, so it takes its chances for a laugh (or even a quick grin) when and where it can. Usually, that’s through 1980s pop culture, Easter eggs in the form of a Frusen Glädjé container, Henry’s Tandy Championship Football game, or the Yaz tape in Kimmy’s Walkman. Grounding the show in a recognizable re-creation of the recent past, these are pleasing callbacks for viewers who lived through the ’80s and quaint spots of color and character for those who didn’t. On a grander scale, they’re signals that no matter how tense the lives of the Jennings or Stan or Oleg may be, they still distract themselves with the same sorts of ethereal creature comforts that we …

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