TV Club: The Amazing World of Gumball succeeds with a simple, silly origin story

I’m always looking for ways (read: excuses) to check into The Amazing World of Gumball for The AVClub, and hearing about the show’s first full half-hour special was the perfect opportunity. I’ve been waiting for the show to do its first expansive episode, and the two-part “The Origins” did not disappoint. To be clear, the story of how Darwin and Gumball met–that is to say, the story of how Darwin grew legs and lungs and became part of the Watterson family–is not really a story we need to hear. A fish that grows legs is nothing shocking or new to the world of Elmore, a place which houses ghosts, talking clouds, sentient hotdogs, and effeminate flowers. But this story is less about the logic of Darwin’s sudden evolutionary burst and more about the (re)unification of the family we know and love.

One of …

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