TV Club: The Affair unwisely kicks off season 3 by focusing on a gloomy Noah

Almost a year after it last left us, The Affair returns with the aftermath of Noah’s dramatic (and fake) courtroom confession to the murder of Scotty Lockhart. It was a decision in which he tossed his ever-fluctuating loyalty from new love Alison to old love Helen: Alison may have pushed Scotty in front of the car, but Helen’s the one who ran over him like a roadkill possum. Unsurprisingly, this passionate but perhaps misguided courtroom stunt landed Noah in jail for three years, and we pick up with him after his recent release, where he’s stymied by a really unfortunate beard.

Unlike The Affair’s usual spilt hour, this entire first episode revolves around Noah, and honestly, that’s likely to its detriment. Of the four main players—Noah, Alison, Helen, and Alison’s ex, Cole—Noah has always been the least sympathetic. Over the course of …

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