TV Club: The 100: “Survival Of The Fittest”

Even though the second season of The 100 is only poised to be three episodes longer than its first (16 total episodes as opposed to 13), it already feels like those three extra hours of television are making a huge difference. The first season took some time to get moving, but once it did, it steadily built toward an inevitable climax: a clash between the Sky People and the Grounders. It presented a streamlined narrative, the tension it built coming from the efficiency of the storytelling. In its second season, The 100 still boasts that same efficiency and pace, but has also delved into deeper and more complex thematic territory. It would seem that the extra episodes have allowed the show to expand its thematic scope; rather than rushing towards a climax, there’s more time for the buildup, which in most cases is the most fruitful and compelling part …

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