TV Club: The 100: “Remember Me”

If there have been central themes bubbling underneath the plot of the second season of The 100, they would certainly be described, however broadly or acutely, as encompassing ideas of consequence, routine, and tradition. In fact, such themes are often central to much post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction, no matter the medium. After all, the destruction of society as we know it, and the eventual rebuild, is ripe for examining the ways in which tradition and routine guide and influence various facets of daily life. Consequences come in to play when those traditions and routines fail us, when they are exposed as merely facades that distract us from the harsher realities of the human condition. As impactful as the midseason finale was, “Remember Me,” which deftly and patiently examines the aftermath of Clarke’s sacrificial killing of Finn, may be even more powerful due to how understated and melancholic it is.

The …

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