TV Club: The 100 puts Clarke and Lexa back together, with mixed results

If “Wanheda: Part 1” and “Wanheda: Part 2” presented a bit of a plot mess for the third season of The 100 to sort through, the season’s third episode, “Ye Who Enter Here,” boasts a clearer sense of direction. The episode ditches the City of Light subplot and instead focuses solely on the tumultuous peace between the Sky Crew, Grounders, and Ice Nation. It’s ultimately a smart move; the City of Light stuff can stay mysterious and obtuse for now, but it’s important to flesh out the political relationships that are going to drive the drama of this season. The first two episodes of the season spent a lot of time trying to sort out who was allied with who and all the reasons why. It led to two strong episodes that were also a bit jumbled. “Ye Who Enter Here” finds the footing though, using a …

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