TV Club: The 100 looks for peace during wartime

After a fairly divisive episode last week, The 100 comes back this week and tries to justify a few of the character moments that had a lot of folks up in arms. In theory, this is the kind of stuff The 100 does well. It dramatically shifts the dynamic of the show by following through with a few questionable character decisions, and then explores the effects of those decisions throughout the rest of the season. This show has always been about, in one way or another, repercussions (or Reapercussions). The 100 is interested in how decisions are made in a society where warring ideologies and armies keep things in a constant state of unpredictability.

Thus, this week’s episode, “Hakeldama,” puts a lot of the focus on Pike and Bellamy’s decision to attack the Grounder peacekeeping force led by Indra. Pike and his army return covered in blood from …

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